Will laser hair removal get rid purplish/red marks and ingrown hair in bikini line? (Photo)

I already had 1 treatment and it has been 2 weeks. I have seen hair falling out and less hair growth but I am more concerned with the discoloration and bumps. I am wondering if I should be using a lotion/exfoliator along with the treatments?

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No Special Products Necessary

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Hi there. This discoloration you describe can be a normal side effect of laser hair removal, and it's nearly always temporary. The discoloration may be from the ongoing inflammation caused from the ingrown hair or a razor burn type effect from the treatment. Laser hair removal doesn't normally contribute to ingrown hair. The laser will target the residual ingrown hair site during subsequent treatments, and the hair will eventually fall out. There's no need to significantly alter your routine in between treatments. We often give our patients an anti inflammatory cream to apply immediately and then for a few days afterword. You may continue to shave and use your favorite lotions or creams, but you should refrain from plucking or waxing. Good luck with your ongoing treatments, and feel free to check in with your provider about any products you'd like to use or if the treated site is not improving.

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Redness after laser hair removal

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It is common to have irritation and inflammation after laser hair removal, which can take up to 2-3 weeks to resolve. Here at Boris Med Spa we send all our patient with after care instrucitons. You may want to check with your provider in regards to after care instructions per their protocol and go in for further evaluation if it persist.

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Marks after laser hair removal

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Marks such as redness immediately after laser hair removal are quite common.  It can just be an inflammatory reaction to the laser hair process.  If you find that you are red and irritated two weeks after the procedure you should return to your treating physician for evaluation.  Please go to a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.

Ingrown hair removal with laser

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The bumps and redness after laser hair removal is normal and settles down fast. If it is lasting longer than 48hours then you should let your doctor know. Sometimes a mild steroid skin cream can reduce the redness. 
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