No Hair Growth After First Laser Treatment. When Should I Go Back?

I had my first laser hair removal treatment on my legs and arm pits 10 weeks ago and the hair still has not grown back. When should I go back for my second treatment? The lady doing the treatment made me pay 5 in advance and she said I have to come back in two weeks for the second treatment whether the hair has grown back or not. I do have about 5 or 6 very fine hairs growing back on one leg but should I just wait for as long as it takes or is it true I must go back in two weeks either way.

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Time between laser hair treatments

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Different areas of the body need different lengths in between treatments. The underarms and legs are definitely NOT the same timeframe. Usually it's recommended for underarms to be treated every 3-6 weeks, and legs are usually 6-10 weeks in between treatments. It's not whether or not you have the hair apparent. Hair removal only works when hairs are in specific periods of the hair growth cycle, and that's what you are targeting. However, your underarms and legs should not continue to be treated at the same time because their hair growth cycles are different, and so one of the areas you are treating will not get the best results if your administrator insists on treating this way.

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