Will Laser Hair Removal Prevent Future Recurrence of Folliculitis in Male Genital Region?

I occasionally have bouts of folliculitis in the genital area (including scrotum, shaft, and pubic area). The folliculitis is triggered by having vigorous sex for extended periods of time (20-30 minutes) with my GF. I make an effort to shower and use antibacterial soap after having sex but this is not always possible. I currently groom my pubic hair using electric clippers and keep it fairly short. Would laser hair removal help with this problem? Info: Asian male with pale skin and dark hair.

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Laser hair removal for ingrown hairs

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The answer is that it should.  Folliculitis in this area is frequently is partly a resulf of ingrown hairs, so reducing the number of hairs should reduce your chances of developing of getting ingrowns.  But it's important that you enter with open eyes in the sense that patients frequently do not get complete hair removal but a reduction of the numbers of hairs.  In addition, there are other factors involved in folliculitis such as bacteria and trauma such as you mentioned in your question.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon

Laser Hair Removal significantly reduces folliculitis in the area treated

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Laser Hair Removal significantly reduces folliculitis in the area treated. However, as Dr. Feldman mentioned, laser hair removal, even after multiple sessions, does not remove 100% of the hairs. Depending on the device utilized, the energy utilized, the number of sessions and any ongoing internal hormonal or metabolic problems, the efficacy of laser hair removal may range between 50% reduction to 99% reduction after multiple sessions. Any hairs remaining may be susceptible to infection, inflammation or 'ingrown hair' problems, particularly in the genitalia.

Laser Hair Removal Helps Prevent Folliculitis in the Genital Area

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Yes, laser hair removal would be beneficial in preventing folliculitis in the genital area.  Once the hair and the follicles are gone you should not have any more issues.  The amount of treatments will vary and some people do not get complete removal, but the results tend to be excellent for most patients.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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