Is Laser Hair Removal Possible for Polynesian Skin?

Hi there. I am of Polynesian descent with a darker complexion. I would compare my skin color to that of "The Rock" also know as Dwayne Johnson.

Will Laser Hair Removal treatment on my face be successful? I have heard conflicting information from numerous sources and I hate to go into treatment if I have a slim to no chance at getting rid of my facial hair.

Also, if laser hair treatment is an option for me, what laser or type of laser should I look into using? Thanks

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Laser Hair Removal for Polynesian Skin

Yes, it is possible. I am assuming that your facial hair is not blonde or white but on the darker side.

I would recommend Lumenis Lightsheer Diode laser. Important to use the pusle width of 400ms to start off. If you do well , then 100ms can be tried on a few spots. I would not use the pulse width of 30ms or lower.

Remember strict sun protection will help minimize your risks of color change or scarring.


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