I had a laser hair removal on my face. The itching is horrible and the swelling is pretty bad. How long will this last? (Photo)

On march 28,2014 I got laser hair removal on my face and chin. The next day I had a horrible rash, redness and swelling. This morning it's still bad. The swelling won't go down. I have put ice packs for a little while and used hydrocortisone but they don't help. The bumps are horrible!

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Itchy rash after laser hair removal

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The most likely cause for this would be an irritant or allergic reaction to an anesthetic or other product applied to your skin either before or after the procedure.  Swelling around hair follicles after laser typically lasts only minutes to a few hours, and is not itchy.

You might contact the dermatologist who oversaw the procedure. She or he will be able to determine the cause of this rash and it will resolve, but because of your skin type, it is better to get treatment for it as soon as possible.

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