How to Remove Jaw Line Hair for Indian Skin Type?

Basically, I have been treated for about 15 treatments to my Jawline. I KNOW there is drastic improvements from day one until now. But the hair is not completely gone, it just gets finer. Should I keep going? I am of Indian heritage. Also, I find that I get some scabbing from these treatments that seem to go away within a week or so. How long should one continue laser hair removal? I am losing hope in this procedure. Any advise you can offer would be appreciative. Thanks.

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Laser Hair Removal of the Jawline in Ethnic Skin: Indian; South Asian ; Dark Complexion

Laser Hair Removal should be immediately effective. The laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle and causes photothermolysis, wherein the heat permanently damages the hair follicle.

In many cases, the hair follicle is resilient and not completely destroyed. This may occur for several reasons including:

  • hair density
  • color of hair
  • thickness of hair follicle and shaft
  • wavelength of laser treatment
  • type of laser used
  • hormonal influences

If you have not received considerable skin clearance after four or five consecutive sessions spaced regularly apart, consider reassessing your laser treatment with your physician, including switching to a different wavelength of laser, setting, or interval of treatment.

Success is really based on the experience of the physician treating you. I have personally had very effective responses in short intervals using the Candela Gentle Yag for ethnic skin types, including African American, South Asian, and Hispanic skin.

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