Laser Hair Removal and Fractional Resurfacing at the Same Time?

I am currently having a series of Laser hair removal treatments every 6 weeks on my face (cheeks, chin, upper lip, above eyebrows)with the LightSheer laser. I am also thinking about having some Fractional resurfacing treatments with the Palomar 1540 laser.

Is it safe to be having both of these treatments done concurrently, provided I allow myself time to fully heal between treatments? I was planning on waiting at least two weeks between having the hair removal and the fractional. Thanks in advance!

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Finish your hair removal sessions first, then begin the fractional laser treatment

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Thanks for your question.

Although the hair removal laser and the fractional resurfacing laser target different things and produce different results, doing both of them around the same time in the same area raises the possibility of causing a great deal of inflammation back to back, and possibly resulting in hyperpigmentation (an undesirable outcome).

Although there really is no contraindication or problem with doing both at the relatively same time, we want to minimize the possibility of bad outcomes. As time is on your side, finish one set of treatments before doing another. The name of the game is to maximize your results without raising the chances of side effects.

Good luck!

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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