Best Laser Hair Removal Machine for Fine Dark Hair on Face and Upper Arms?

I have olive skin between type 3 to 4 (what I was told at clinics). I want to remove facial hair and full arm. My face and upper arms have dark & fine hair but still quite visible. Also, I want the hair to be less visible. How many treatment should I need?

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Lumenis Lightsheer is best for Laser Hair Removal

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Hi Sonia,

For your skin type, we agree with Dr. Turowskin that the most widely used and most effective laser is the Lumenis Lightsheer. Although the Nd:Yg (Yag) would be appropriate for your skin type, it is not the most effective, would take many more treatments and might not lead to permanent hair loss. We do not recommend the IPL for any skin types.

The estimated number of treatments is 6-8 for our patients with your skin type. Good luck.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Best LASER for Fine Dark Hair

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Fine dark hair with Fitzpatrick 3-4 is best removed with either Diode or Nd:YAG laser.  There is not a single best laser to treat hair. Each laser has its pros and cons. Although many lasers are available with brand names, the key is to look at the frequency of laser to determine its effectiveness.
Types of LASERS:
  • Diode- Perhaps the best studied and good for many skin types (the type I favor in my practice).
  • IPL- Not as effective as diode in head to head studies and not good for all skin types. May require more treatments.
  • Nd:YAG lasers- A good selection for darker haired patients. May require more treatments than diode and has a smaller spot size typically and may require more treatments
  • Alexandrite- Best for lighter skin types however it is almost as effective as diode in efficacy.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lightsheer diode laser by Lumenis is the best

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Lightsheer works great for all skin types. For olive skin and fine dark hair it normally takes between 6-9 treatments. The results are permanent and patients see improvement even after the first procedure. The tip of the laser is chilled and cools down the skin immediately after the energy is delivered to the skin. The downtime with the Lightsheer is minimal and side effects are very rare.

Laser hair removal

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Small dark facial hairs on an olive complexion skin can be treated with many different systems. I use both a YAG and an IPL to treat many different varieties of hair.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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