Laser Hair Removal Technology to Use for Fair Indian Skin?

I am a fair Indian. I am not sure which technology to use for laser hair removal: Nd Yag Laser or Diode? Most of the clinics use them, but they dont have the facility to provide both. Which one should I go for? I want to get laser treatment done for front, back and bikini area. I have light hair on front and back.

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Indian Skin Laser Hair Removal


Use Lumenis Lightsheer Diode laser and make sure the pulse is either 100ms or 400ms but not 30ms or less.

Be prepared for many sessions.


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IPL Hair Removal is efficacious in light Indian skin.

You should start with your bikini area since it's covered, and not sun-exposed. We've been using the Palomar StarLux IPL with good results. You'll likely need extra treatments (possibly 10), since extra caution, and lower settings are used with Indian skin.

Don't treat thin, light hair which will lead to disappointment unlike bikini hair that responds best.

I hope this helps.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Laser hair removal

Your skin type requires caution and skill by the professional treating you with laser. My concern is the risk of hypo (loss of color) or hyper (too much color) pigmentation from the laser treatment. These side effects are dependent on many variables but skin type such as yours is one variable, then laser technique, laser selection and location is other.

Typically, laser hair removal does not work well for light hairs, better for dark hairs set against light skin.

Steven Hacker, MD
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