Laser Hair Removal Discoloration Weeks Later?

I got laser hair removal on my chest and abdomen 2 months ago. I have pale olive skin with dark black hairs. I know the place where I went uses either the GentleLASE and GentleYAG Lasers. I think they tried a more aggressive route (I heard something about setting 18). After my first hair removal I had a large 5 inch wide/3 inch high dark spot low on my abs. And dark little spots above that. I thought they would go away. 2nd treatment made them darker. Will this go away? No sun touched this area.

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Discoloration after Laser Hair Removal

Dear Cosmetic Patient,

If you are noticing discoloration that is darkening after your laser procedure, it is time to stop the treatments and discuss this with your laser surgeon. It may be that either the laser or the settings used for your olive skin type are not ideal. Hence, you are developing a side effect, dark skin discoloration. This discoloration can be treated with sun avoidance and topical bleaching creams that your practitioner can recommend. After adjusting the laser settings and resolution of your discoloration, you can proceed with your laser therapy.

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