Laser Hair Removal Burns on My Buttocks? (photo)

A technician performed laser hair removal on my buttocks (outside and inner) for my sixth treatment. It was an Alexandrite laser and I haven't had any problem until now. Anyway, she cranked the laser up a bit because it was my last session and she burned my skin on my inner buttocks. I have fair skin but my inner buttocks skin is dark, so perhaps that is a reason. What should I do, and should I see a doctor? I used Bactricin to stop infections, and I take penicillin daily for another ailment

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Laser burns after hair removal

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Please do see a dermatologist immediately.  Wounds in the intergluteal fold area should be addressed as soon as possible as bacteria and yeast normally live there.  Bacitracin is an excellent antibiotic ointment, however, it can potentially cause an allergic contact dermatitis, which would exacerbate the problem.  And it does not address the yeast at all.

Penicillin is usually not helpful in treating skin infections.

The good news is that most of the time, laser burns will heal, although it make take some time for the pigmentation changes to resolve, however the wounds do need to be treated appropriately.

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