Laser Hair Removal Burns Less Than 48hrs Ago, Please Advise? (photo)

Hi, i had laser hair removal on my legs and arms less than 48hrs ago, and experienced burns which has never been the case before. The clinic explained that the setting was too high for my skin type. Please can you advise whether these seem to look like superficial burns (which my clinic said they were on a majority level), whether you think I will have scars, and how long it will take to heal. I am using Cu£ cream for deep tissue repair, and applying every 3-4hours. Very concerned, thanks

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Burns from laser

Burns from laser hair removal can happen with the wrong laser, the wrong skin type, the wrong setting, or if you are tan or have used self-tanner before your laser hair removal.  It is difficult to assess the burn from the photo.  I would suggest going back to the office where you had it performed and use topical emollients and avoid heat and sun for the next few weeks. Please find an experienced dermatologist in your area who is board certified for your next consultation and treatment.

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Laser hair removal burn

Burns after laser hair removal can occur by using too high settings, inadequate cooling or use of the wrong laser/settings for different skin types and amount of tan present. Your burns dont look that deep and will probably heal without scar. I would cover with antibiotic ointment now and make sure that there is no sun exposure. If there is some pigmentation that occurs from these burns then treatment could be with specific skin creams and/or other lasers.

Jason Pozner, MD
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