How Serious Are These Laser Hair Removal Burns (Silk Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal)? (photo)

Hi, I recently used Silk Flash&Go All-Over Hair Removal laser device to remove hair on my chest and I guess I used it on high voltage. After the treatment I have applied Ice and aloe-vera regularly. The redness has reduced but it is still very dark and I am very worried. I do no want to visit a doctor. How effective is Aquaphor Healing Ointment? Are the red marks permanent? Can you recommend me something to get rid of the red marks?

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Laser Hair Removal Burns

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Hi Elsuarez.  It looks like the burns are mild enough that they will resolve on their own.  If they are just red and have no textural changes to the skin, then you should heal fine.  You may want to consider laser hair removal with an expert.  Generally the home devices do not produce permanent laser hair removal.  Good luck.

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Burns from home hair removal device

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You should get rid of the hair removal device, first of all. This is the reason they are dangerous - people use them thinking they are 'safe' and they create burns because people think they can use any energy. Aquaphor is used to keep areas moist. It's not to heal burns and it doesn't take away redness. You need to keep those areas out of the sun, wear sunscreen, and perhaps may need a prescription-strength hydroquinone should those red marks turn into hyperpigmented marks. It would be best, of course, to see a physician, but if you aren't willing to do that, then follow those steps. And again - get rid of the machine or you could end up with more serious (and permanent) marks.

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