Laser Hair Removal Burns. Is Itching Normal? (Photo)

I had a photo hair removal treatment on my lower legs, underarms and bikini area four days ago. The latter are fine, but not my legs. A couple of days they were red, swollen, hurt and itchy. By Friday itching was hardly tolerable, redness became worse and marks more visible. I called the dr. who said to treat the area with Aquaphor Healing Oitment and wait for a couple of days until the symptoms vanish. I've read related Q&A and see what happened to me, but is severe itching a normal symptom?

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Itching after Laser hair removal burn

Dear patient,

When the skin experiences injury, such as a superficial burn after laser, where the skin is red, swollen, and itchy, it is a normal response of inflammation and healing. Aquaphor ointment, soothing aveeno oatmeal bath, calamine or aloe lotions and oral antihistamines (e.g., zyrtec, benadryl) that are over-the-counter, can help to sooth the itching and heal the skin. Please discuss your side effect with you laser surgeon in order to resolve the burn the best way. Also, the surgeon may need to adjust the future settings on the laser or change the laser used to remove the hair on your legs. Meanwhile, please keep your legs out of the sun to minimize discoloration. Good luck.

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