Will These Laser Hair Removal Burns Be Permanent? What Can I Do to Help It Heal? (photo)

I've done 6 laser hair removal treatments so far. Today was the 7th and the first time I got these dark spots. They had to use a different machine on me because the other one was broken and now I don't know how I can help it heal or how long it will take. I'm extremely self conscious about this now. The image is attached and I did the full bikini.

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Laser hair removal burns

Your burns appear to be superficial and no, I don't expect them to be permanent, but it may take them some time to go away. Keep them clean and moist - with either Polysporin or Vaseline. And make sure the area stays out of the sun (albeit it's your bikini but just in case). As those marks raise and heal, don't pick at them. But definitely keep them moist and gooped up (applying the Poly or Vaseline a few times a day after a bit of cool water each time). Also, make sure you contact the office that treated you so they are aware!

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