Can Laser Hair Removal and Mole Removal be Done in the Same Session?

I was just wondering if IPL Laser hair Removal and Mole Removal can be done in the same session?

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Laser Hair Removal and Mole Removal

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Yes, these can be done in the same session.  If the mole that is being removed is in the same area as the hair removal area, I suggest removing the mole first and covering the site with a bandaid before doing the laser.  We don't want to traumatize your biopsy site with the laser, and we wouldn't want to laser over the mole prior to removing it.

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Laser hair removal and mole removal

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If you have a hairy mole, a simple excision of the mole will result in both mole and hair removal.

If you have a mole in a hairy area (e.g. Hairy arm or back,ect)  there is nothing wrong with having a Laser hair removal session immediately followed by the excision of the mole in that hairy area.

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