No Results With Laser Hair Removal, Can You Wax and Go Back to Laser Hair Removal?

Can you start where you left off if youve been using laser hair removal(its made hair somwhat finer) and you wanna wax then do laser hair removal again? Will doing this make the laser hair removal process restart?

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Waxing Between Hair Laser Removal Treatments

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If you are planning to resume laser hair removal in the near future, I would AVOID waxing and just shave. Waxing tends to distort the hair roots and you want the laser to to effectively work at the root of the hair for improved hair reduction.

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You can wax and then get back on the laser hair removal.

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Yes, you do start where you' ve left off. Laser hair removal does take a few sessions to show significant results, so in between sessions, if you want a completely hair free status, you can wax. Do make sure you give enough time for the hair to regrow before you go in for  the next laser session, a month to 6 weeks atleast. 

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