Laser Hair Removal and Hyperpigmentation?

Hello, I had laser hair removal done 4 months ago on my face. Everything went well for the first couple of days. But 4 days later when I shaved I developed folliculitis. Well the folliculitis subsided after 3 weeks but it left post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Is the dark spots permanent? It's been 4 months and they have not gone away yet but do seem lighter

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Laser hair removal pigmentary alteration

This is not uncommon after laser. Apply extra sunscreen to the area in the am. At night, you may ask your doc for a prescription lightening cream.

In most cases, with these steps, the pigmentation should resolve completely!

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Laser hair removal and hyperpigmentation

This PIH in this case could have been from the laser itself, or the folliculitis. You need to get a prescription for hydroquinone from a physician which you'll apply to the affected area, and you must make sure you wear sunscreen and don't burn the area. This is very important or you can make the PIH much worse! You may also, from a very experienced office, have a light IPL treatment done to the affected area, after treating it with the HQ for awhile. That will help, but you must make very sure the treating technician is very experienced and under the direction supervision of a physician. My office treats a number of PIH and other issues from poorly done treatments and complications from other offices.

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