Laser Hair Removal After Open Rhinoplasty

i am a 32 years of male..i was wondering Is it safe to laser(alexandrita) inside the nose and in-between eyes for hair removal after open rhinoplasty..I am 2 months into the surgery.. Would the laser increase the edema and/or damage the sutures inside the nose? Thanks

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LASER hair removal nose

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Essentially, yes you can remove nasal hairs with laser hair removal but patients should be cautious. After rhinoplasty your nose will be sensitive and you should consult with your surgeon about removal.  Generally speaking as a patient you should wait at least 6 months after rhinoplasty prior to starting laser hair removal of the nose.

Nasal hairs serve a function to filter debris from entering the nose and our respiratory system. In some cases, overly long nasal hairs can actually obstruct the airway (seen in a Mayo study). Electric trimmers are the best way to consistently trim nasal hairs. Plucking nasal hairs is the worst method (can lead to abscess formation). LASER hair is a good permanent way of treating the anterior portion of the nose in some patients.

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