Laser Hair Reduction. Clinic is Giving Me Choice of Nd Yag Vs. Soprano?

Im male 29, seek laser hair reduction in underarms, chest and abdomen area- The clinic that i visited did a patch test on me using both Soprano and nd Yag- Soprano was not painful but nd Yag was. Im apparently a skin type III. Im from India but light skinned for most Indians. I want to play it safe and obviously see results longer term. Which is better for me - Soprano or ndYag? thanks.

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Clinic giving you a choice of laser?????

I would not give my patient the choice of which laser! I use the laser that is best for the situation. If it hurts, then that is not good obviously. If it doesn't hurt but you don't get any results that is not good either. I think the doctor doing the procedure (AND I AM HOPING IT IS A DOCTOR) knows the lasers capability better than you do and uses the appropriate too.

What I wish patients understood is that the laser is not the problem, its the person using the laser.....go to see a dermatologist.....



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