Laser Technologies for Hair Growth Effective?

Do the helmet type lasers or Lasermax combs work for hair growth?

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FDA only cleared laser for its safety, not for it's effectiveness in growing hair.

FDA only cleared laser for its safety, not for it's effectiveness in growing hair. Lasers in my opinion do not grow hair. I’ve offered it at my practice for FREE. I even gave it away as a study. I have not seen results. Maybe you can claim the patients didn’t use it right.
The studies or papers that are out there do not show clear results. If they work, it is so minimal it’s not worth the effort or cost to justify a result that can not be seen with a naked eye for someone to say “that was worth it”.
Scientifically, these lasers are just low power red lasers that emit at a 650 to 670 nm wavelength. 
650 to 670nm is not a magic number wavelength for hair growth.
650 to 670nm is the RED wavelength in almost ALL lasers. 
The makers of the hair growing lasers didn’t pick 650 to 670nm for its hair growing potential
It’s the only one commercially available in the color RED.
The $1 WallMart laser pointer is ALSO a low power (low level) laser that emits at 650 to 670nm
These hair lasers are just a dome or a hat that incorporates 30 or more of these.
You can make one for yourself for probably under $50.
Jae Pak, MD

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Laser Comb for hair loss

The Bosley Lasercomb is the first and only home-use medical laser device that has been clinically proven and FDA cleared, for men and women, to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth.  The Bosley LaserComb works via the principle of photo-biostimulation, a process which delivers laser energy to the hair follicle. The light energy emitted from the Bosley LaserComb may increase blood flow and circulation within the scalp and in doing so, revitalize individual follicles and promote a general strengthening of the hair. Blood flow is crucial to promoting healthy hair growth; it brings important nutrients into the follicle, while allowing the follicular cells to effectively dispose of detrimental waste products.  Use the LaserComb on thinning areas of the scalp for 10 -15 minutes, three times per week. Though not ideal for the treatment of advanced hair loss, the Bosley LaserComb is a convenient method to obtain the very best results after hair restoration surgery and to maintain existing hair. Make an in-person consultation with a hair transplant surgeon in your area to get information on all of your options for hair restoration. 

Allan J. Parungao, MD
Allan J. Parungao, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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