Is It Possible to Have Laser Gum Lift Surgery if I Already Have 4 Crowns on my Front Top Teeth?

I have 4 crowns on my two front teeth and each lateral incisor. I have a gummy smile and would like the excess gum removed, but can that be done without re-doing my crowns?

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Laser Gum-Lift Surgery Above 4 Upper Crowns

It is definitely possible to have the gum-lift, even yhough you already have 4 crowns. The real question is "What is your goal?". If you are unhappy with the shape or contour of the front caps, then you would have to re-make them AFTER the gum-lift. Even if you are happy with their contour now, once you raise the gums and expose more root, making the teeth look longer, you might not like the shape any longer, and will want to remake them. Also, depending on the color and material used in the crowns, and the darker root color that will now be exposed, you might want to remake the crowns.

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Can I Have Laser Gum Lift with Crowns on Front Teeth

Yes, but you may be very limited by the type of crowns and how far below the tissue the margin of the crown is located.  If the crowns are porcelain to metal, raising the gum may leave you with a darkish looking gum line from the metal structure in the crown.  If the crowns are all porcelain you may have a little more freedom to lift the tissue without ruining the appearance.  Ideally, gum lifts should be done prior to restorations being placed.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
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