Is There a Laser That Will Give Facial Rejuvination As Well As Treat Minor Eye Wrinkles?

I am looking for a total facial skin rejuvination I have minor acne scaring, a few wrinkles under eyes and minor crows feet also some facial hair ( chin area) from pcos, is there one treatment that can take care of all this? Also for permanent hair removal what is the best treatment?

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Fractional ablative lasers can improve tone and texture of skin and eyelids

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Fractional ablative laser treatment properly done can improve tone and texture of facial skin and eyelids, with low risk and little social downtime [red, sunburn like treated areas for 5-7 days, then pink for another week or two. Sometimes more than one treatment session is needed, depending on an individual's baseline state, personal wishes, and degree of response to treatment. Smokers and severly sun damaged people, for example, tend to heal somewhat more slowly and improve to a lesser extent than other people.

I and my patients have been very pleased with the Cutera Pearl Fractional ablative laser, which produces excellent results with a bit less pain and slightly faster healing than fractional ablative CO2 or Erbium-YAG laser.

Niagara Falls Dermatologic Surgeon

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