Laser Genesis Vs Coolglide Laser

What is the difference between Laser Genesis and Coolglide laser? Which laser has a more successful treatment of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation resulting from a TCA 20% peel? My old doctor who performed the peel, and who I don't trust anymore recommends the Laser Genesis and the new doctor recommends Coolglide laser. I am of Asian decent. Thank you.

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Laser Genesis

Neither will work well for PIH, the Coolglide is the 1064 Cutera laser for hair removal.  The Genesis is the same laser, only used without touching the skin, and different settings, but same laser.  For PIH, see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a cream regimen which may include HQ 4%, Kojic Acid 2%, and possibly a topical steroid.

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