Laser Genesis for Uneven Skin Tone?

I have pretty good skin, but have some uneveness and light redness (broken capillaries) from old pimple scars. I am a 30 year old Asian woman and do not have any lines or wrinkles yet. Is it worth it to have a series of Laser Genesis treatments? Would I see any results? My goal is to even out my skin tone (reduce brown spots, redness, old pimple scars).

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Laser Genesis

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The benefit would be very minimal.  I would use a laser for the vessels, and eMatrix for the acne scars by Syneron/Candela. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Laser Genesis for uneven skin tone

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We've had excellent results with Laser Genesis for patients with diffuse redness, as well as discolored spots remaining after acne or other blemishes have healed, called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Laser Genesis also helps stimulate collagen to improve overall skin texture and we've found it quite beneficial in preventing new breakouts as well.  Judging by what we've seen with our patients, it sounds like you would be a good candidate for Genesis treatments. 

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