Laser Genesis Procedure With Vibradermabrasion and Safety?

I am interested in doing a laser genesis/vibradermabrasion combination. The treatment would include 3 vibradermabrasion treatments immediately followed by laser genesis and then 2 more follow up laser genesis procedures. Is it safe do this? Also, are the results just a temporary plumping followed by no difference in my skin with time? Is there a chance that after the plumping my skin's collagen with break down at a faster rate? I've read horror stories of people looking much worse after time.

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Good combination

The combination of vibraderm or microderm and Laser Genesis is a great treatment that will help with the texture, firmness and tone of your skin, and is perfectly safe to do.  The vibraderm may cause you to experience more skin sensitivity after your treatment, but it's nothing to be alarmed about. 

As far as skin looking worse after Laser Genesis, I find this very unlikely.  You do get temporary "plumping" of the skin after a treatment (a good thing) which usually goes away within a few days. This might cause some people to think that their skin looks worse a few days later when, in fact, it merely returned to its previous state.  Then, over the course of 90-180 days, your skin will generate new collagen, which will improve the over-all quality of the skin. 

Laser will not break down collagen at a faster rate (provided that the laser is done properly and the skin is not burned), it will temporarily denature your existing collagen and prompt the body to create even more collagen that it had before. 

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