Time to Switch from Laser Genesis to Fraxel?

I've had Laser Genesis every month for over a year with what seemed like a slight improvement in skin texture & fullness. But how long does this go on? I'm beginning to distrust my doc because the benefit doesn't seem to be justifying the monthly $100/ visit cost.

She has Fraxel- should I switch? I have no scars, only a few larger pores, fine lines but some newly forming deeper lines plus, being a redhead, tons of freckles.

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Fraxel re:store for Fine Lines, Moderate Wrinkles, and Large Pores

Hi Slow Life Girl,

Looks like the results of the Laser Genesis treatments are coming along a little too "Slow". Fraxel re:store should give you noticeable improvement. Fraxel too requires a series of treatments, though only about 4 separated by 2-3 weeks. Good luck and be well. Take it slow.

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