Laser for Temple Veins Blood Clot?

I have two prominent temple veins, if I was to get them treated with Laser could the Laser cause a blood clot? If so could the clot travel and cause problems? Or could it back flow in the vein towards the brain? I just want to as the questions before I get something done. Thanks in Advance

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Treatment does clot veins.

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Laser treatment of the temporal veins is essentially a doctor induced clot.  The laser heats the vein, the blood in the vein can clot or dissolve and the walls of the vein will shrivel up over time.  Since this is a treatment induced clot, it will not travel because the vein becomes scarred and blood will not travel through it. 

Naples General Surgeon

Laser therapy for temple veins

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You are confusing clot formation in deep veins and superficial veins and also confusing veins of the legs and arms which drain directly through the vena cava into the right side of the heart with small peripheral veins on the scalp. CLotting of such veins in the scalp or forehead are not likely to propagate in to the deep veins of the head and neck. 

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