What Laser is Best for Skin Tightening, for Long Term Use?

My 1st laser treatment was when I was 36 and I loved it for my skin was much tighter. Had the same procedure at 37.5, and the results were ok. At 39 I saw no improvement at all. Do lasers that treat loose skin lose effectiveness over time? Is there a specific laser that can tighten?My skin has started to turn crepey. I am seeing sagginess around my jaw line and I'm only 40. Short of injectables what do you recommend? I heard that Demi Moore uses laser to get her youthful glow. What type does she use?

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Laser Treatment for Skin Laxity and Sagginess

You have a lot of good questions and they would best be answered by a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon in an office-based consultation.  Without any pictures of what you are referring to as "sagginess" and "crepey," it is difficult to address your concerns. Generally speaking, lasers used for skin tightening are somewhat effective, but other techniques such as chemical peeling, injectable fillers or resurfacing lasers may be better suited for the things that you are describing. 

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Laser treatment for skin laxity

You didn't mention what kind of laser treatment was used in the first three treatments.  Lasers generally fall into the categories of non-ablative vs ablative. Once someone is complaining of laxity and crepe paper changes to the skin, a non-ablative treatment will usually not work.  The dilemma is that ablative treatments can be customized to your needs, but effective long term results will require higher energy settings, deeper treatment and obviously more downtime prior to full recovery. 

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