I just had laser face lift on cheeks and under chin, no stitches required. Do I have to wear the chin strap everyday? (Photo)

I had it on my cheeks n under chin.She stuck the probe thing in my face n used the laser under my skin.i dont hav stitches.Local anesthesia was used. My face is swollen n feels sore.Not sure if its bruised cuz bottom of my face is taped up. I have work on Tues. n dont wanna wear the chin strap to work. Dont mind wearing it at night or be swollen to work but not taped up w/ chin strap on my face. How crucial is it to wear the chin strap if I didnt undergo traditional facelift? icing it all day...

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Laser facelift

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Thanks for your question.
Without examining you it is not safe to make any recomendation. My best advice would be to keep the area clean and contact and follow up with your surgeon

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Post laser treatment

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It is difficult to answer your question without more information about your treatment. From the description, it sounds like you had Precision TX, which is a laser procedure for the face, where the laser fiber is inserted under the skin, for lifting and tightening. Typically, it is recommended that patients wear a support garment for 6-8 hours each day after the first several days of continuous wear. You should check with your surgeon for more specific instructions.
Good luck.

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Post Op Laser Care

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Without knowing the type of laser, how swollen you are or an examination, it is impossible to give you specific advice. I would contact your laser surgeon to determine the best recommendation.

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