What is the Best Laser for Under Eye Wrinkles and General Tightening on Face and Neck?

I am 38 and have been suggested total fx and co2. Recovery time is no issue, just want to look better and make the right choice for the money and time. I am very fair skinned and have wrinkling under eyes and some loss of elasticity in face and neck. Thanks!!

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Fractional or Traditional C02 Lasers for Wrinkles/Tightening

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I agree that the fractionated CO2 or traditional CO2 is the best technique because it heats as well resurfaces and this helps with the reduction of wrinkles and tightens skin while protecting the tissue.  Typically the healing process is 7-14 days and after that you may experience persistent redness.

Palm Springs Dermatologic Surgeon
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Best laser for under eye wrinkles?

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  There is no "best" laser for under eye wrinkles or for general tightening of the neck and face.  This is all marketing and gimmicks.  Laser resurfacing may be used to tighten under eye wrinkles but so may fillers and so may chemical peels.  The same goes for the skin of the neck and face.  I jave offered skin only lower eyelid surgery in certain cases in folks your age with excellent results.  The key point is that you should be most careful in physician selection, especially in the under eye area.  Any of these treatments could end in disaster if you do not choose your doctor carefully.  I would strongly suggest that you see a well-trained oculofacial plastic surgeon for the best result possible.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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