I Had Laser Eye Surgery About 6 Yrs Ago Now my Eyes Are Very Sensitive to Headlights at Night and Bright Light?

I had laser eye surgery about 6 years ago and now my eyes are very sensitive to headlights at night. Also, I recently started working on the computer daily and as a result I noticed that my eyes are really sensitive to it. And my eyesight is starting to decline a little according to my eye exams. The optometrist doesn't seem to offer much help. Is there anything I can do to address this? Especially the difficulty with night driving? I'm 40 and don't have any problems seeing or reading up close.

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6 yrs after

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It is normal to have these symptoms of sensitivity to headlights.

I may say some dryness may have some part in it. But if you feel your vision in regressing then you should visit an expert Lasik surgeon so they can see the options. As far as what i would recommend, remember that after age 40 the eye muscles are not going to be as agile as before. Reading up close will start to become a little difficult, and Lasik is mostly intended to correct distance vision. There is a better procedure that can help you get rid of reading glasses for life which is Prelex. 


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