Is Laser More Effective in Removing Eye Wrinkles Than Ulthera?

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CO2 Laser is the best for crepiness of eyelid skin

If we are talking about eyelid skin, Ultherapy is not approved for treatment in this area.  The best non surgical tightening is thermage directly on the eyelid skin (upper and lower), however, if you have crepiness of your skin texture, CO2 laser is the gold standard for skin resurfacing.  This involves lasering the entire top layer of skin away and then tightening some more with additional laser passes.  The skin heals in about 7-10 days and stays pink for 2-3 weeks, but the entire area treated gets tighter and smoother.

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Ulthera for Eye Wrinkles

Ulthera can give a lift to the brow which can give the eye a more open appearance.  However, it does not change the texture of the skin or address excess skin.  If the wrinkles are from excess skin, surgery is the best option.  However, if you have fine lines around the eyes rather than excess skin a laser would be better.  A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon is advised to formulate the best treatment plan for you!

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Ultherapy 1.5mm and Laser Resurfacing may be synergistic for Eye Wrinkles

While surgical intervention may offer lasting solution to eyelid wrinkles, it can also leave behind permanent scarring and lasting adverse sequalae such as nerve damage or ectropion (outward extension and protrusion of lower eyelids). One needs to exhaust minimally invasive procedures for eyelid and facial wrinkles before committing to potentially draconian surgical solution. Laser resurfacing and Ultherapy are not mutually exclusive and in fact are often utilized in tandem few weeks apart in our practice to maximize clinical benefits for eyelid wrinkles. Using 1.5mm transducer, Ultherapy can perfectly targets thin eyelid muscles, kickstarts collagen production, and lifts the upper eyelids and eyebrows in a way that cannot be achieved by laser resurfacing. On the other hand, laser resurfacing can effectively soften fine lines, and pigmentation that have incurred due to years of sun damage.

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Laser resurfacing is more effective than Ultherapy for eyelid wrinkles

For upper eyelid folding / "hooding" and lower eyelid wrinkles, laser is more effective than ultherapy.  Surgery is more effective than laser for upper eyelid folding. Sometimes after surgery, the lower eyelid sundamaged wrinkles persists and only the sagging folds improve and laser is often done either concurrently or after or before surgery for those wrinkles. Carbon dioxide laser, whether ablative or non ablative and fractional such as Fraxel, or non Fractional are the most common lasers for eyelid wrinkles.  Portrait plamsa energy resurfacing works very well too. The Ultherapy can treat the forehead to help lift the eyebrow and upper eyelid complex but it does not raise up that loose skin as much as surgery. Ultherapy's transducers are too bulky to treat the lower eyelid fine wrinkles, nor is its transducers manufactured to deliver such a shallow depth of treatment needed for the thin skin in this area.

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Is Laser More Effective in Removing Eye Wrinkles Than Ulthera?

The holy grail of aesthetic medicine is a painless non-invasive procedure that has no downtime and is equally as effective as surgical intervention.  Unfortunately, for skin tightening and removing eyelid wrinkles the ranking of effectiveness parallels the pain, downtime and risk.  Surgery is the most effective, followed by laser followed by Ultherapy. So when you choose which procedure to have performed, it is important to decide what trade-offs you want to make.

What more and more Ultherapy providers (us included) are doing is combining Ultherapy with another minimally invasive treatment to enhance the effectiveness of both procedures and still have minimal side effects.

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