Which is the Best Laser for Dark Fine Hair ?

I was going to a place for laser hair removal on my arms and abdomen where they were using GentleLase to treat me (the technician set it at level 14). It worked for my forearms, but for my upper arms the laser made the hair worse! In addition, the hair on my abdomen didn't really have much improvement (although it at least didn't get worse) I have very fair skin, with black hair, so why didn't it work on the finer hair? was the laser the wrong kind? which laser would work on me?

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A diode laser would be best

A diode laser with a wavelength of 800-810nM like the Lumenis LightSheer or the Alma Soprano would work much better.  The GentleLase is better for darker skinned or tanned individuals.  Because your skin is so ight and hair dark, you can use a shorter wavelength which should provide better results.  Make sure to avoid sun exposure for 4-6 weeks before treatment until after all treatments are done.  Also, do not pluck or wax the areas since this damages the hair follicles (without destroying them) and makes the next hair that grows out a less optimal target for the laser energy.  Shave until you have all the hair removed by the laser.

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