Does Laser Cause Skin to Produce an Authentic Collagen or is the Benefit More in the Resurfacing and Removing Sun Damage?

Don't get me wrong, I do see great benefit in removing sun damage but I am wondering if there is a legitimate benefit in stimulating collogen that will benefit the patient with thicker plumper skin for years to come. I get confused because some things I read indicate the "plumping" effect is not from collogen but from the swelling that is a side effect and wears off in a year.

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Benefits of Laser Treatment

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Thank you for your question. Your observations are very accurate. The collagen "bump" in production lasts about 10-18 months, then reverts back to a previous state. Some procedures like CO2 resurfacing can get a longer increase in collagen production and tightening, but this varies like everything else, depending on sun damage, age of the skin, and ethnic background. I hope this helps.

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Benefits of Laser skin resurfacing

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The answer depends on what type of Laser used and the depth of penetration of the Laser. For example, the type of Laser I use is the Palomar Icon.  The ablative erbium 2940 produces more superficial skin resurfacing,removing fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage and uneven pigment from the epidermis and papillary dermis.  The Non-ablative erbium 1540 Laser produces more collagen synthesis in the deeper dermis, correcting deeper wrinkles, but also great for treating acne scars.

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