What is the Best Laser for a Cafe Au Lait Birthmark on Skin of East Indian Decent?

I have had several Yag laser treatments, which have faded the discoloration somewhat, but I am hesistant to have anymore as I have also experienced both hyper/hypopigmentation spots from this laser that was originally geared for Caucasian skin. Would the Palomar fractional laser 1540 give me better results for the removal of my birthmark?

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Yag is the best laser for Cafe Au Lait Birthmark

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The q switched Yag is still the best laser for Cafe Au Lait Birthmark regardless of skin type.  They can be stubborn and may recur even after apparently complete clearance.  If the laser treatments are in fact causing fading, continue with them until the lesion is clear or there is no more fading after two consecutive treatments.

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