Laser Bra Mommy Makeover Option?

Aside from Laser bra procedure what will help correct sagging breasts? It is a popular option to other techniques that cause nipple sensitivity while breast feeding?

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"Laser bra" procedure is just hype. Have a proper breast lift instead.

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The laser does not have a place in breast lift surgery.  It will not make the scars better or less (and I am a surgeon who uses lasers a lot, just not for this).  The laser does not induce the degree of contraction that you would need to produce any real lift effect. 


The best technique - most effective and safest - for correcting sagging breasts is the vertical breast lift.  This procedure tends to preserve nipple sensation well.  It is not unusual to have breast implants at the same time to restore fullness of the upper poles.  I talk about this on my website.  A link is attached.  Reviewing photos is always a good idea. 

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Laser Bra Breast Lift

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I am not sure whether your surgeon is speaking of using the laser to make the skin incisions that can also be made with a scalpel, or using the laser in hopes of inducing some type of skin tightening that will "lift" the breast.  Either way, I don't think it is an effective strategy.  The weight of your breast tissue will overcome any skin tightening effect causing any improvement to be short-lived.  Using the laser as a scalpel in this situation really has no benefit.  A true breast lift requires elevation of the breast tissue or placement of an implant to create upper breast fullness, tightening of the breast skin by removal of excess skin and redraping of the skin around the elevated breast mound, and repositioning of the nipple/areolar complex onto the newly created breast mound.  I don't know of any way for a laser to do this. 

Lasers and a breast lift

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Caveat emptor! Beware of marketing ploys that promise amazing results or that one particular individual (or a limited number) have some unique skills or techniques that will give you outstanding results. Check their credentials as well.

The bottom line is that a true breast lift that will create a nice shaped breast requires incisions, sculpting and most often breast implants. A laser doesn't replace any of this. It is just a very expensive tool which can be used to make skin incisions but does also have signficant attendant risks which are not associated with a scalpel. Furthermore, its usage can't make up for an otherwise inferiorly performed procedure.

Steven Turkeltaub, MD
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Laser Bra Mommy Makeover Option?Answer:

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To treat sagging breasts, some type of lift is needed and it depends on your goals and anatomy..and doctor!! Make sure and find a surgeon that has experience with all types of lifts. Many women have had just implants placed when what they really needed was a lift, and then are disappointed soon after. As far as the Laser, there has been no real evidence published that I am aware of that shows it to be better than traditional. Most of us do not use it for this.


John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Laser BRA

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WHAT IS LASER BRA.It is a term and a brand procedure that says

"I have a laser that iam paying for and need to use it to pay the mortagage

Be an inteligent consumer and stay away from schysters and parasites on cosmetic surgery.


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Laser bra is fluff and marketing

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A properly done breast lift is what is needed to lift the breasts.  As I understand it, the laser bra just removes some skin with a laser instead of sharply claiming that the laser shrinks and tightens the tissue. There really is no difference in scars or actual results other than using the word "laser" which makes it sound fancy and better.

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