Laser Beard Removal Infection

last time i got it done i broke out in alot of little bumps and it was very painful for a week. i went to my doctor cos it felt really uncomfortable. i thought i was burnt. he prescribed me antibiotics and then later my pharmacist told me it wasnt a burn but it was an infection. he said that to get it in future i take my antibiotics prior to getting it done. so i believe it was the laser that triggered an infection. what can i do about this as i really want reduced facial hair.

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Laser hair removal of the beard

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Infection of the skin is extremely rare after laser hair removal.  If your beard was shaved prior to laser hair removal and shaved too close compared to normal, then maybe you had pseudofolliculitis barbae, a condition in which curved hairs become ingrown as they grow above the skin surface.  It is possible that you did break out with a bacterial folliculitis, or an infection of the pores around the hair shafts but that be caused by normally-existing bacteria on your skin that invaded the follicles after the laser hair removal trauma. Other agents can cause folliculitis or skin infection, including yeast and even herpes simples cold sore virus. You should see your doctor at first sign of this happening again, whether undergoing laser hair removal or without.

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