Had Laser Assisted Prolipo- Developed Seroma at 2 Weeks Had It Aspirated Once Now It is a Hard Mass Around my Belly Button?

I had laser assisted prolipo on May 10, 2013 on my flanks and whole abdomen. I developed a large seroma on my addomen even though i wore my compression garment 24/7. I had seroma aspirated. Went back week later (3rd week) and doctor said to leave it heal on its own even though it still had fluid in it. Now at 5 1/2 weeks my abdomen is rock hard all the way around my belly button (6" x 5" off risen area) about 1" thick. Please advise!

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Seroma and firness after liposuction and what to do?

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This firmness will subside and you will be fine. Occasional seromas are a normal complication of liposuction and after they resolve they are always firm.  This firmness will go as you heal.  This will take 3 to 6 months.  Remember the healing process takes 12 months.  Seromas are a complication that can and does occur with liposuction.  At 6 months you will be 90% there.  My Best,  Dr C   PS.  Time is the big factor here.  Massage usually helps but does not speed the whole process.

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