What is the best laser for African American woman speaking hair removal of the butt cheek/crack, legs, armpits and bikini line?

I've heard rumors that laser procedures have lower success rates on African Americans. What do you recommend?

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Darker skin types need 1064 laser for hair removal

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LHR in your skin type is possible but only with the YAG 1064 laser. It is not as successful as lighter skin types but it does work. Coarser hair is easier to remove than finer hairs. You must go to an experienced doc or you will get burned and have complications. 

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Laser Hair for Dark Skin

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I have two different lasers in my office for all skin types.  It is very important to consult a board certified dermatologist for this type of removal to avoid complications.  You need to make sure that the dermatologist has the laser with the correct wavelength for darker skin like the Candela Gentle Max.  Best, Dr. Green

Best Laser for Darker Skin Types.

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For laser hair removal in type III-V patients a hair laser that is a 1064nm wavelength is both safe and effective. Best, Dr. P.

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