I'm Having Lasek Enhancement Surgery Tomorrow and I Am Slightly Concerned About the Use of Mitomycin C During the Procedure?

I'm having Lasek enhancement surgery tomorrow and I am concerned about the use of Mitomycin C. I had Lasek on both eyes 3 years ago and after only 12 months I had prescription creeping back into both eyes. They have now steadied out and I am only being treated for my right eye (dominant) which is -0.75 (sometimes -1.00). I'm having lasek again (thin cornea). I've read some worrying things about MMC especially during lasek surgery. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this?

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I've performed about 10,000 LASEK and epiLASEK procedures. Your surgeon is smart to use MMC to prevent scarring. I use it for high Rxs and enhancements. I'm doing a study now to see if I should use it always because it's so safe. Don't believe the stuff you read on the internet. That's misuse of MMC where they mix it wrong and use a too high concentration

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