Way Use Sculptra if No One Knows Why Some Get a Reaction?

One Dr remark we don't know way an reaction happens. Isn't it quite dangerously to work with a product and you don't know if or when a person will get an reaction ? Is it good to have a product out there when you never know if a reaction will occur?

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Sculptra problems are related more to the injector than to the product.

All products and procedures have some inherent risks or potential for complication, but even more common is the potential for misuse by inadequately-trained or inexperienced injectors.

You ask the question as if Sculptra should be on a "banned" list of products, but this is a frivolous argument, as virtually anything can be used improperly or not as intended, causing a higher risk of poor outcomes. Even using Sculptra absolutely properly by expert injectors does not "guarantee" a perfect result.

Instead of restricting products, perhaps we should restrict non-surgeons performing cosmetic surgery, or dentists performing rhinoplasties, or ENT surgeons performing breast augmentation or liposuction of the abdomen.

Choose your providers carefully; even properly trained, experienced, thoughtful, and caring doctors are not "perfect." But choosing experts in their areas of training and board certification is a good first step. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Why Use Sculptra if No One Knows Why Some Get a Reaction?

Sculptra is a very safe product when used properly. All injectables have some risk of complications but they are uncommon. Sculptra can cause trouble when injected in the eyelid, lips or when large amounts of products are allowed to clump together. These are well known issues and the risk is minimized by proper use of the product. However, this does require significant experience with the product as well as detailed understanding of the anatomy. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Reactions to Sculptra

Any of the filler products used can cause a reaction or side effect.  In the United States, the FDA approves of the products that can be used here and deems them to be safe for use.  This does not mean that a reaction or side effect is not possible, but that the incidence of such issues is fairly low if used correctly.  The technique of injection and sometimes other factors can influence whether a side effect develops or not.    

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