Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Recommendation for Rhinoplasty

Is there a plastic surgeon in the Las Vegas area that comes highly recommend. I'm an african-american female who's interested in rhinoplasty .

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Ethnic rhinoplasty commonly performed in las vegas.

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the most essential part of ethnic rhinoplasty is evaluating what you as the patient like and do not like about your nose. my primary concern is to make your nose fit your face without losing your heredity.

refinement is ordinarily the most important issue that patients bring to the consultation and adding support and reducing bulk are hallmarks of a successful ethnic rhinoplasty.

in my practice i do regularly perform ethnic rhinoplasty and my experience is based on perfoming many many difficult nose surgeries including those in patients born with cleft lip (the associated nasal deformities make for extreme challenges in rhinoplasty).

your best care for cosmetic surgery is in your home town so that you can get the follow up care and hand holding (if necessary) during your long healing phase. full results from rhinoplasty take 6 months to a year to finalize (and occasionally longer!) it helps to have your doctor handy if you have questions or concerns along the way.

get a couple of consultations and see what is recommended and how you feel about the doctor's experience and handling of your issues. then make your decision on doctor and what you want done with your nose.

dr mary herte

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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See a surgeon who specializes in Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Dear Rae,

We are not very familiar with any plastic surgeons in Las Vegas who specialize in African American rhinoplasty but here in LA there are a few options you may want to consider especially as it is not so far away.

African American rhinoplasty is a nuanced procedure that really requires a surgeon with experience. We see a number of ethnic patients every month who tell us they’ve had a hard time finding a surgeon who seems to make a practice of doing ‘ethnic plastic surgery’. Why?

Well, in our opinions, there are a few reasons for this:

1. The aesthetic is different. We now know that there is tremendous variation in anatomy among and between ethnicities and an equally wide variation in the desired aesthetic.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, which is by far the most popular facial surgical procedure among ethnic minorities, the nuances of ethnic differences in facial structure and aesthetics require a different type of surgeon: one who moves beyond the “one size fits all” model to tailor results.

If a surgeon is not experienced with the nuance of ethnic rhinoplasty, this can be hard to accomplish in a natural-looking way. Which brings us to the final point…

2. The procedures are different. For a typical rhinoplasty in patients of European ancestry, the focus is usually on making the nose smaller, reducing a bump, etc. and so we trained to remove some tissue in order to accomplish this. Ethnic noses can tend towards thicker skin, softer tip cartilage, weaker septal cartilage, excessive nostril flare, and sometimes lower nasal bridges. For these patients, the emphasis is typically on narrowing and adding to the bridge, refining and supporting the tip, and on specialized procedures such as alar base reduction (nostril narrowing).

Please let us know if we can be of any further help.


Peyman Solieman, MD

Peyman Solieman, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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