Reaction After Three Years Can That Happen and Still Go Away?

I wonder if your Dr still injects with inflammation present. I am just at three years and still got some inflammation present will it still go away or am I ruined? Can't ask the Dr because he been saying from the start it wasn't Sculptra even when my last visit he looked at me very scared. I am lucky it is better then last year, but with every one saying it wont last over two years I am now scared. One side keeps pulling to the side every morning. All my blood work is normal no autoimmune disorder.

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Reaction 3 years after Sculptra

I am a bit unclear as to what reaction you are having 3 years after your Sculptra treatments, but I will say that it is possible for the effect from Sculptra to last more than 2 years.  I have seen results last up to 4 years in some patients.  

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