How can I resolve a surgery mistake?

I'm not suggesting, insinuating, or implying that my surgeon made a mistake. BUT. WHAT IF a surgeon made a mistake? It would certainly not be in his/her best interest to admit to said mistake. But say, for example, the surgeon didn't cut the muscle quite enough (wanting to minimize trama) and the implant couldn't settle correctly? Or maybe slightly cut too far on the outer chest and the implant sits too far outward? How would the patient go about resolving such issues? Preferably without personal cost.

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Post Operative Complications

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Hello,Complications associated with breast augmentation are more frequently associated with surgical planning than surgical execution: capsular contracture, double bubble, symmastia to name a few.  Complications associated with surgical error are always in the surgeons best interest to admit too, actually.  Minimizing complications that lead to reoperation begins with choosing a ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon that specializes in cosmetic breast surgery. Best of luck!

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Surgery Mistakes, what to do if they occur?

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Hi MDC,Thanks for your question. It certainly happens to every surgeon if they operate enough. We are not perfect despite what we say. If a revision is required to correct an issue, most surgeons perform the surgery free but there are usually touch up fees that must be paid for the anesthesia and supplies. But everyone office has their own policy.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon but remember that everyone anatomy is different and can cause results to vary from what was expected. Good Luck. I hope that your issues can be corrected as you would like.
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How can I resolve a surgery mistake?

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Thank you for your question.  This is a situation where open communication and dialogue with your surgeon is important.  If the surgeon deems any outcome to be limited as a result of some aspect of surgery they may have a revision policy to help you.  Voice your concerns with your surgeon and ask their opinion as to your situation.  They want you to be happy and should be willing to work with your results as needed.  Best wishes.

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Resolve surgical mistake

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Good questions.  Best to schedule a follow-up appointment with your PS with a list of your concerns.  He/she should be able to address your concerns and a plan of action to correct your disappointments.  Any costs certainly should be addressed at this meeting.  I wish you good luck.

How can I resolve a surgery mistake?

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Thank you for the good question.  You are correct in that no plastic surgeon is perfect and that "mistakes" can be made.  Any surgeon that tells you that he/she has not had complications is lying or has not performed enough surgery.   In other words, despite best efforts, complications can arise, without anyone being at fault.  

In cases where an unfavorable outcomes are present it is best for patients to discuss their concerns in a calm/constructive fashion; most plastic surgeons very much want their patients to be pleased and will do everything they can to improve outcomes.  On the other hand, an accusatory stance taken by a patient does not end up working out well for anybody involved.  For example, I would suggest avoiding using inflammatory term such as "botched"... Overall, staying emotionally even keel tends to be helpful in these cases.

When it comes to revisionary surgery costs, policies will vary: charges such as facility and/or anesthesia fees are quite customary in most practices.  Often, surgeons will reduce or waive fees.  I can tell you personally that I am much more likely to waive fees for patients who demonstrate an understanding of the circumstances as opposed to patients who expect "perfection" and approach the complication in an accusatory or faultfinding fashion.
Best wishes for an outcome that you are pleased with long-term.

Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.
First thing to do is contact the operating surgeon and be seen for an examination. Discuss your concerns and any issues you may be having at that time. Best of luck.

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