Silicone from breast implants into breast milk, is it possible? (photo)

Hello. I've had silicone breast implants ( polytech) for 4 years. I have been breastfeeding for 9 months, I've used breast pumps and I carry my baby a lot which puts pressure on my breast. Recently I've noticed pain in my right breast, like needles in the nipple area but inside as she feeds, it's not too bad at all, my breast have become very saggy I assume due to breastfeeding and I am very concerned this could mean they are ruptured? If that was the case could silicone get into breastmilk?

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Newer silicone implants

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do not 'leak' silicone and will not be in your milk.  You had tuberous breasts and you will benefit considerably with a revision once you are done nursing.  Your surgeon can easily tell you if your implants are intact or not so see him/her so you won't have to fret over whether they are ruptured or not.  But even if ruptured, the gel is cohesive and will not spread into the adjacent breast tissue as the older implants from the 70's and 80's did.

Silicone from breast implants into breast milk, is it possible?

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Thank you for your question and pictures. Studies have shown that silicone from implants does not get into breast milk when breast feeding. If you have concerns about your implants and possible rupture, you should be seen by your doctor and have imaging ordered. This is usually in the form of an MRI which is most sensitive at diagnosing implant rupture. If the implant is ruptured, it would be advised that the implant be removed. 

Hope this helps!

Post partum breast changes.

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A good percentage of the abnormal appearance of the breasts is because they are engorged for breast feeding. After the breast feeding is over, have a thorough examination by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Breast sagging?

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Breast sagging is due to breasts enlarging (or being engorged by milk) and then deflating following breast feeding; this is a normal process that affects all moms; your deflation has nothing to do with your implant integrity; you can get a mammogram to evaluate implants; silicone is a molecule that can diffuse across cell membranes, into vessels, lymph nodes etc. But you should not be paranoid about free silicone as it exists in nature and found in foods such as potato skin.

Breast feeding question!

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Studies show that no silicone gets into the breast milk from silicone breast implants. You breast appearance changes are most likely due to pregnancy and breast feeding with has stretched out the breasts initially and is now undergoing atrophy. Your natural breast volume is going away, but I suspect your breast implant is doing well. When you're all done BF you can check your implant integrity with an MRI if you're unsure. The pain most likely originated from your breast tissue, but see your doctor soon for a diagnosis. Best, Dr. Aldo

Non US Approved Implants

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Did you get your implants out of the country? You have what appears to be bilateral capsular contracture. Don't worry, there is no silicone in your breast milk.  You should consider revision surgery by an ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon after breast feeding. Best of luck!

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