Revise Upper Flap of Belly Button? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck done in Jan, 2011. I'm very pleased with the results. However, the upper "flap" of my belly button looks uneven and is somewhat annoying when I catch a glimpse of it. My PS is revising a portion of the lower scar and has agreed to also cut some excess fat/skin out of the belly button area. Is this a good solution and is there a chance that this may make other uneven areas of my belly button more noticeable? Or, should I just leave it be?

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Revise Upper Flap of Belly Button?

If it bothers you and your surgeon agrees, doing a revision procedure is reasonable. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like there may be a hernia at the site--your surgeon would want to be prepared for this if it is present. 

Thanks for your question, for the attached photo, and best wishes.

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Belly button revision possible

Thank you for your question and photograph. I do agree with the belly button revision. Hopefully excess skin can be removed and the width and height of the belly buttonreduced the belly button tucked deeper.

A small skin revision should not be too risky


Thank you for the photo and question.  Revising the skin at the upper border of your belly button should not be too risky.  The only caution I have is to not try and do too much by placing a lot of tension on the revision skin closure.  Doing so will make it more likely to develop a hypertrophic scar.

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Revision of Umbilicus

Thank you for the question and the picture. It is difficult to give an opinion from the photo provided as it seems to be quite blurry. In any case this is a question best discussed with your plastic surgeon. They have examined you in person and are therefore in a better position to give you recommendations. Best of luck.

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