Just got results of an MRI looking for a rupture in my cohesive silicones. No rupture found. Can capsules cause lumps?

I know I have a grade 2-3 capsule on one side. I just had an MRI to see if one ruptured because I'm in constant pain and a lump was found. No rupture found, so can the lump be a result of the capsule? I have an appt with my surgeon one week from today but I'm anxious and scared because breast cancer runs in my family.

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MRI of Breasts

Chances are the lump was seen on the MRI and is therefore nothing to worry about. You've got two things going on, and they are not related. The lump should be managed by your primary care physician, unless that doctor determines the lump is part of the implant/capsule.   If you have capsular contracture, the standard of care is an operation with replacement of the implant, so getting an MRI was not necessary.
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Lump in capsule

It is certainly possible that the "lump" can be the result of an area of the capsule that is thicker or firmer than other spots. As well, the tightened capsule may be causing a fold or edge of the implant to become palpable. I think you are proceeding correctly. You need to be examined by your plastic surgeon in person. He/she can review the results of the MRI to better understand them with you. In the end, given that you have a grade 2-3 capsule, along with constant pain, it sounds like you will need some kind of revisional surgery regardless. At that time, the exact nature of the lump should be determined and biopsied. I hope this helps.
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Lump in breast

The first thing that needs to be discerned from your story is whether this lump is in the breast parenchyma or related to the underlying implant and capsule. Not uncommonly, when a patient has a capsular contracture, the tightness of the capsule can create a knuckle of breast implant that one can feel through the overlying breast as a lump. In our office, a simple ultrasound can readily see whether the lump is a fold in the implant or in overlying breast mass. Your plastic surgeon will address these issues at your consultation. Good luck.

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