Redness around scar after anchor BL (Photo)

I'm a bit worried about the redness around my scar. I am not supposed to see my Dr. until Thursday to remove rest of stirches, and just want to make sure this is normal?

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Redness on scar following breast lift revision

Are you on antibiotics? Redness always a concern; if it does not continue to grow in size, you should be ok but I would check with your surgeon. Please see examples below.

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Breast lift - is incision redness ok?

Thank you for asking about your breast lift.

Good news - the photos suggest that everything is healing well.
Redness can be from healing, from sutures and from tape.
Let your surgeon know about your concern -  but all should be well at your appointment.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Redness around scar after anchor BL

Thank you for your question and photos.  It is common to have a small degree of transient redness associated with the incision after surgery.  If the redness were to spread beyond this area, it would be more indicative of an infection.  Also, be sure that you're not allergic to any possible antibiotic ointment if you're putting that on your incision.  Finally, follow up with your surgeon and update him or her with any changes in your condition.  Best of luck.

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Scar redness

A small amount of redness is normal in wound healing. Your photos do not show any undue redness that would be associated with an infection. Follow the directions your doctor has given you, bring your concerns to their attention and you will be fine.

Best of Luck

Dr. J

Redness around scar after anchor BL

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  After any surgery there can be a transient period of redness along the incision line in reaction to the normal healing process.  Though your incisions do not look concerning, should you start to experience any of the signs consistent with an infection - spreading redness, increased swelling, worsening pain, or elevated skin tissue temperature - call to see your surgeon earlier than later.  Hope this helps.

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Redness around scar after anchor BL

Thank you for your question and photos.  No online reviewer can diagnose or make treatment recommendations without an examination.  The images by themselves do not look worrisome.  If a person were experiencing increasing redness and pain then I would be concerned.  I would recommend you contact your surgeon for their evaluation and recommendations.  Good luck.

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Redness around scar

Thank you for your questions and the photos.
From the photos the amount of redness is not unusual but if you are having other symptoms such as feeling unwell, or painful swelling of the breast please seek medical advise as soon as you can.

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Redness around scars at 2 weeks

Thank you for your question and pics. Some redness around your scars at this point can be normal given the locations of them.    Would contact your surgeon and discuss your concerns.  Best of luck. 

Breast Uplift: Redness around scar after anchor

Thank you for your question and photos. A minimal amount of redness is not unusual following surgery; however it depends on the intensity, timing since surgery and combination with increase temperature, discharge, swelling etc. If the redness is very localized, not associated with discomfort and discharge, you should be fine to wait until Thursday for the appointment with your surgeon. However you might want to check with him/her to see if they would like to see you any earlier.

All the best.

Andrea Marando

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Red scars

When was your surgery? Looks very recent so this isn't out of the ordinary. However, is the area warm to the touch? Are you in pain? If either of the last two exist then see your surgeon sooner rather than later. 
My best,
Dr. Sheila Nazarian
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