Is my ptosis surgery a failure?

I've just had ptosis surgery. It's only been 4 days, but my eyelids look very uneven and my left eye is still very droopy. Should I be concerned?

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Ptosis surgery success or failure

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Hi Vegas,
Thanks for your question. It is extremely early to assess a failure in surgery. Sometimes if only one side is affected then herrings law kicks in and creates asymmetries, usually your surgeons corrects for these factors. Do not consider a revision until at least 6months after surgery. Please address your concerns with your surgeon as the know what exactly was done to correct your ptosis. Good Luck! All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS @blepharoplasty @ptosisrepair facebook @breastdoctor twitter @docmata instagram #drcarlosmata Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Ptosis surgery

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Hello there, you need to patient since you are still healing from recent surgery. Continue seeing you physician for scheduled followups to asses the healing process. Repost a post op photo in 4-6 weeks to assess healing. Best of luck,

At 4 days, you should have heavy swollen eyelids.

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That does not mean surgery is a failure.  I am very tolerant of heaviness in the immediate post operative period.  If fact, if they are too open right after surgery, that is a big problem.  Consider posting a photograph of yourself.  Time is needed for the swelling to resolve.  As this occurs, the eyes should open.  Please consider posting in 4 to 6 weeks so we know how you have done.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Ptosis surgery result

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At only 4 days after surgery, it is too soon to determine whether the surgery was a success.  There is usually swelling present which will affect the height of the lid.  You will get a better sense of the final result at around one month.

Chaneve Jeanniton, MD
Brooklyn Oculoplastic Surgeon

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